For Sale By Owner

For Sale Private Owner lists for sale by owner properties online throughout the whole of Australia, advertising your house for sale with us will guarantee that your property will be seen on Australia’s top Real Estate and For Sale By Owner websites. At a time when so many people in Australia are looking to sell or lease their homes, it is important that they be aware of all the options that they have for finding buyers. For Sale by Owner, or FSBO as it is otherwise known, happens to be one of the best options. Basically, as a homeowner, you take control of the entire process, cutting out the real estate agent and getting a lot more for the sale.

Why Choose FSBO Rather Than Use An Agent?

Traditionally, people who want to sell properties use real estate agents. They place their property with an agent of choice so that he can find a buyer, and when he does, he gets a percentage commission for the sale. For Sale By Owner sales rely on a completely different approach. You list your property online with a website whose job it is to get maximum exposure for it for a small fee. You have full control of the process once they locate a buyer for you. The advantages of listing your property through us rather than using a Real Estate agent are:

1. Pay No Commissions

You don’t pay commission fees, but rather just a small listing fee. This means that you get to keep all the proceeds from the sale of your home. This is one of the biggest reasons why so many people are using this process to find buyers for their homes all over Australia. Listing websites usually require a small listing fee which is based on packages. Imagine, for example, paying a one-off listing fee of $500 compared to giving your real estate agent a percentage of the sale. Even 5% of your property value is a lot more than the $500 it would cost to use an FSBO website.

Added to this is the fact that these websites don’t ask for a monthly or a weekly fee. You only pay once, when you list and the listing stays up until the property is sold.

2. Full Control Of The FSBO Process

For Sale by Owner gives you full control of the entire process. This means that you get to list it, you handle all enquiries, you get to negotiate with buyers so that you can find the most suitable price and you get to close the deal.

No one knows your house better than you do. When it comes to showing it to prospects, you are in the perfect position to show of all its positive attributes. You are also familiar with the neighbourhood, which means that you can give prospects a very accurate account of what they can expect. In short, because people get to see the best of your home, you get a buyer in a shorter time than if they saw it through the eyes of a real estate agent.

3. Sell Faster By Doing It Yourself

Cutting out the real estate agent means that you can sell your house faster. For Sale By Owner websites have the job of making sure that as many buyers as possible get to see your property online, which increases the chances of getting a buyer quicker than using the traditional estate agent method. Also, because you are handling all enquiries yourself, you get back to potential buyers faster. A real estate agent has lots of houses that he has to sell which means that your home may not get all the attention required for it to find a quick buyer.

4. You Get A Better Sale Price

This is one of the biggest reasons why people are choosing FSBO to sell their homes. The fact that you can talk to buyers directly about what they are willing to pay allows you to get the best price for it. It also allows you the chance to weigh the feedback that you get from potential buyers. Why are they only willing to sell at the price they are offering? What do they like or what don’t they like about the home? With this kind of feedback, you are able to amend your listing and make it more likeable by potential buyers.

5. You Can Amend Your Listing Any Time

This is very important if you want to sell your home fast. FSBO websites allow you to amend your listing throughout, until you get a buyer for it. This allows you to constantly make improvements, and improvements help you get more prospects in.

6. You Get Insider Tips

You may not know just what you can do to get buyers for your property fast, but FSBO websites do and they are willing to help you. Once you list with them, they tell you what you can do so that you can attract many potential buyers in the shortest time possible.

For Sale By Owner Process

Listing your home on FSBO websites is easy. All you need to do is take photographs of your property. Take as many as possible so that interested parties can see as much of the house as possible and it helps them make up their minds.

After that, visit the FSBO website, register to become a member, find the package that you want (they vary depending on what services are offered), upload the photographs and give descriptions as instructed and then pay. Your property is now visible to all the big real estate portals in Australia, the ones that most people who are looking to buy, sell or lease properties use. If someone is interested in the property, they contact you and you can begin to negotiate with them directly.

As you can see, selling your house through For Sale by Owner is the way to go if you want to sell fast and for more.

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  • Provide interested parties with a quick way to find your property details fast.