For Lease By Owner

Leasing property was traditionally done through a real estate agent, but this is changing now, with homeowners using For Lease by Owner. If you know about For Sale by Owner, then For Lease by owner works in much the same way. A property is listed by its owner on a For Lease by Owner website and then the website gives it exposure to people who are looking to lease. This way of renting out your property comes with several distinct advantages. If you have a property that you would like to lease, think about the advantages of finding tenants online:

You Don’t Pay Management Fees

The thing to do before For Lease by Owner became an option was to find a real estate agent who would then find you a tenant and then charge you a management fee every month just to make sure that the place was running okay. This is no longer necessary; if you list with a For Lease by Owner website, you are able to get a tenant without having to pay a real estate agent anything. You are only charged for the listing, which is usually no more than a few hundred dollars at the most.

You Have Full Control

For Lease by Owner gives you the control that you relinquish should you decide to use an agent. You do everything yourself: you do the listing, find a tenant, and vet them to make sure that they are right for you. After they have moved in, you will collect rent yourself and do the inspections. This gives you close contact with your house. You know what is happening at all times. You negotiate your rent payments. You know the kind of tenants that are in it. You know when there are repairs to be made. This kind of close contact with a property ensures that the property remains in good condition, and when the time comes to sell or move back in, things go smoothly.

You Lease Faster

It is very important for you as a landlord to ensure that your house remains occupied for as much as possible during the year. This might not be the case if you decide to use real estate agents to manage it for you. They can take a long time to find you tenants, and you may find that you have month during which you receive no rent. For Lease by Owner can get you a tenant in a month or even less.

What Is The Process To Leasing Privately?

It is very easy; in just a few steps, you will have listed your house and prospective tenants can see you.


The first thing you should do is to write a description of your house. What do you think renters want to see when they are looking for a house to rent? Capture that in a few paragraphs and the re-read to make sure that it reads well and shows your house in a positive light. After that, take photos of the house. These should also show your house in its best light, highlighting its best attributes. Is done, register on a For Lease by Owner website and then list the property. It will be visible within a few hours.


Get ready now to deal with enquiries. Most of them come in email form, so you will be spending quite a bit of time on your computer. There are few that come through the phone as well. Be ready to negotiate on rent, but make sure you know the going range. If you get any feedback that you can get to improve your listing, make sure to go back and make amendments.


Once you find a suitable tenant, you will have to seal the deal. Three will be tenancy contracts to be signed. If you don’t already have them, talk to the For Lease by Owner website and they can mail them to you. Alternatively, you can use a lawyer to draft them for you.


Always inspect a property together with your new tenant so that you can both ascertain the conditions at the beginning of the tenancy. Also, agree on what kinds of repairs are expected of you and whether the tenant can make installations on the property.

For Lease by Owner is a fast way of getting tenants when you are renting out a house. It also allows you control and you may even be able to negotiate for better rent.